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High Risk Work Licence

The High Risk Work Licensing System presently provides for 30 classes of high risk work, divided into 5 categories. For more information on High Risk Licence click here.

Scaffolding Work

  • Basic Scaffolding (SB)
  • Intermediate Scaffolding (SI)
  • Advanced Scaffolding (SA)

Dogging and Rigging Work

  • Dogging (DG)
  • Basic Rigging (RB)
  • Intermediate Rigging (RI)
  • Advanced Rigging (RA)

Forklift Operation

  • Forklift Truck (LF)
  • Order-Picking Forklift Truck (LO)

    Reach Stackers

    • Reach Stacker

    Crane and Hoist Operation

    • Tower Crane (CT)
    • Self-Erecting Tower Crane (CS)
    • Derrick Crane (CD)
    • Portal Boom Crane (CP)
    • Bridge and Gantry Crane (CB)
    • Vehicle-Loading Crane (CV)
    • Non-Slewing Mobile Crane (CN)
    • Slewing Mobile Crane (up to 20 tonnes) (C2)
    • Slewing Mobile Crane (up to 60 tonnes) (C6)
    • Slewing Mobile Crane (up to 100 tonnes) (C1)
    • Slewing Mobile Crane (over 100 tonnes) (C0)
    • Materials Hoist (HM)
    • Personnel and Materials Hoist (HP)
    • Boom-Type Elevating Work Platform (WP)
    • Concrete-Placing Boom (PB)

    Pressure Equipment Operation

    • Standard Boiler Operation (BS)
    • Advanced Boiler Operation (BA)
    • Turbine Operation (TO)
    • Reciprocating Steam Engine (ES)