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Traffic Controller/Management (TC1 + TMI1) Training (3 Days) RIISS00058 & RIISS00060

Skill Sets: 
RIISS00058 - Traffic Controller Skill Set for Urban Streets and Low Volume Rural Roads
RIISS00060 - Traffic Management Implementer Skill Set for Urban Streets and Low Volume Rural Roads

Cost - Without CITB: $1250  - With CITB: $810
(includes Training (3 Days) + Assessment (1 Day) -> to Enrol Click here)


Participants are required to have

- a current White Card for this course.

This combined Traffic Controller and Traffic Management Implementer introduction course provides Learners with the skills and knowledge to implement traffic management plans and control traffic on urban streets and low volume rural roads (Category 1) in South Australia.

This course consists of Training (3 Days) + Post course experience + Assessment (1 Day)

• Training at an ATC Site - 3 Days.

• Post course experience
- TC1 – minimum of 20 hours experience to be documented in logbook within the six-month period
- TMI1 - Must complete at least three different types of set ups (as specified in learning material) within the six-month period after successfully completing the theory and simulated 2 day training.

• Assessment on a Category 1 Road - 1 Day.

pdf iconTTM - TC1 + TMI1 Combined Course Information Sheet

pdf iconTTM - RPL Information Sheet

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